Dry needling bonus offer !

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Bonus offer

Knowing that you are committed to taking control of your health we are offering you this BONUS offer!

One of the most effective tools in treating calf restriction is by dry needling.

Dry needling is a form of therapy where fine needles are inserted into tender and/or taut bands in muscles. These are known as myofascial trigger points. The needle causes a release of the constriction in that band of muscle which in turn can relieve pain and improve function. Combined with other manual therapies, dry needling trigger points can achieve great results for chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain reduction.

For a limited time we are offering a dry needling course of treatment!

When you book in for a Tight Calves Assessment we are offering you:

 6 x dry needling sessions for $350.00

Package normally valued at $552

Saving you $202

To take advantage of this offer simply let our Front Office Staff know when they call to book your appointment that you would like the bonus offer.

We look forward to helping you regain your full function and live life to the fullest

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Lisa Wilkes