Are Tight Calves Holding You Back?

 Are you one of those people who always has tight sore calves?


  • Where no amount of stretching seems to make a difference?

  • Different injuries keep coming and going and you never quite feel like things flow easily?

  • Do you feel sluggish and lack that dynamic and explosive movement that seems to come easily to other people?

This is an issue we see often in our practice and can be at the route of so many problems.

Having calf muscles that allow your joints to move properly is one of the most fundamental and most over looked concepts required for normal walking and running. When you do not have enough movement in your ankle joint because of tightness your body will start to compensate and this compensation in time will often lead to injury.

If you want to cut to the chase and find out how fixing this one problem can keep you free from injury and energized and able to enjoy being active then click on the book now button!  

As part of our attack on tight calves we are offering a gap free assessment to see if we can help you overcome those pesky calf muscles.

Here’s what you will get…….

♦ A full interview to assess your current issues any past issues and what your future goals are. Valued at$80

♦ An assessment of your current joint mobility and muscle strength. Valued at $120.00

♦ Where appropriate a treatment plan and initial treatment to start you on your road to more flexible calves. Values at $83.00 to $95.00




 Not yet convinced?

So how much movement is enough movement I hear you ask.

There is one simple test  called the lunge test that your Podiatrist can perform that can assess if this restriction is holding  YOU back. This test will be performed as part of your Initial Assessment 

Here’s what having this problem addressed is going to do for you:

  • You will have more mobility.  

  • You will reduce your risk of further injury 

  • You will stop being held back in doing the things you want to do

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