Do you enjoy your Park run but want to get more out of each run?

tarawera_trail_marathon_2016_020231I get it! You have taken on park run as a way to get moving again and to exercise in an environment with other like minded individuals. It has been great but now you have hit a point where you want to be able to push yourself a little bit more. You feel that your body is not quite doing what you want it to! You are starting to get a couple of little niggles, shin splints or a sore heel one day, a tight calf the next?

ParotecWell here at Podiatry Point we do podiatry differently. We will take your body and break it down to each joint and muscle. We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of these areas and then we will put all these areas together when we watch you walking and running. We will look at the alignment of your body and the ground reaction forces through your feet using world leading technology and educate you on how your individual running style is impacting on your body and how to fix it. We do this through the use of In-shoe pressure measurement which allows us to measure your forces in the foot at each millisecond of y our step. this gives us insight like no other. 

You do not need to be a professional runner or be injured to take advantage of this knowledge. This assessment is for every runner, every body type, every fitness level and every level of experience or injured or not. So come on in and have your comprehensive running assessment done today. For just $199 you will know your body better then ever before. Its strengths its weaknesses. We will also give you a training program to address any areas of concern and recommend any treatments to help prevent and treat any injury’s.

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