Gap Free Podiatry

Pay No Gap on Your Podiatry Assessment and Biomechanical!

Make the most of your health insurance with this amazing offer!

The Team here at Podiatry Point,  would like to help you to get the most out of your health insurance benefits with our amazing three part offer, saving you big bucks!!

  1. A comprehensive subjective and objective exam to assess any underlying causes of current injury or to measure your “injury risk factor” based on detailed orthopaedic tests, plus a personalised written plan (if needed) (value $120.00)


  1. A complete biomechanical assessment including a video Gait assessment or analysis of your walking pattern using Parotech technology that measures 300/images per second. (value $65.00)


  1. A digital postural examination to determine whether your posture is prone to injury and what do about it (value $79.00)

All of this for no out of pocket expenses if you have private health insurance!


If you don’t have or you have run out of Private Health insurance you can have all this for $120.00! (Value $264.00)

In order for you to avoid injury, or recover from an existing injury if you are experiencing difficulties already, a Full Biomechanical assessment can play a key role.

To perform at your peak and to get the most from your life, it is critical that your body is performing as best as possible.

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