Are You A Parent Who Is Not Sure if Your Child Has a Foot or Leg Problem?

Have you ever had your kid’s feet and legs checked by a podiatrist? We get our children’s teeth checked at a dentist and eyes checked by an optometrist, but have you ever considered checking their feet with a lower limb specialist?
What many people don’t realise about Podiatrists is that they treat a whole range of people – from pre-walking infants to the elderly. Most people are aware, however, that we treat hard skin and toenails but did you know that they can also assess the way your legs and feet are functioning? Did you also know that adult’s and children’s feet are not the same – Children’s feet are not just little adult feet, but come with a whole new set of potential problems and pathologies that adult feet won’t suffer – and some of the pathologies they develop as children can continue on into their adult life, if they’re left unchecked and untreated.
Sometimes it seems impossible in our busy schedule to find the time to make appointments during the school term. In between school, sport and extra curricular activities the last thing you’re thinking about is where to fit in an appointment. School holidays and in particular during winter are a great time to get your children’s feet assessed by a podiatrist while you’ve got a break in your hectic routine and there feet are generally at their busiest playing sport.
Podiatry Point is offering a 15% off for parents who bring their children in to our clinic for their initial biomechanical foot and leg assessment using the code words “Healthy Feet Program”
Often after our assessment of a child’s walking we are asked the question by parents, “Why have I never heard of getting my child’s feet and legs checked?” If your child has ever mentioned foot pain or problems, you’ve noticed they walk a little differently to other children or you’d just like a check up, then now is a great opportunity to get their feet assessed.
Children are precious, and our aim at Podiatry Point is to ensure that we use the most current knowledge and research to enable their little feet to grow and develop as they should.

To take adavantage of this fantastic offer you can.

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