Continuing on with our conversation on plantar warts brings us to the very tricky question of how to get rid of them. In our previous blog we talked about some of the common conservative treatments available. Today we would like to introduce a surgical technique that has been producing awesome results.   So just a […]

Plantar warts are one of those pesky conditions most of us have had exposure to at some stage in life. “Almost everyone will have a wart (or several) someplace at some time in their lives as they are very common.” Have you ever wondered why you can throw everything at your plantar wart but you […]

For a long time there has been a lot of confusion around cadence when running. For a lot of us we will have heard the magic 180 number tossed around with this being the target we should all hit. Where did this number even come from? Well the magic 180 cadence was an observation made […]

I recently saw the hashtag #bitumenisboring on Instagram and scrolled through some stunning photos of people running in all sorts of beautiful places and being a nature lover myself I had to agree that running on trails, for me, is always such a pleasant experience.  The problem I have is that trails are not that […]

Are you a runner or thinking of starting? Did you know that running posture plays a fundamental role in injury prevention? Having the right posture may reduce overuse injuries of your muscles as well as help you run faster, recover quicker and move more efficiently. Firstly, let’s look at your trunk position or posture. As […]

Do you run for health and fitness but often end up with niggles or worse injured?  Do you have a love hate relationship to exercise with lots of starts and stops in training? This is an important article that could make the world of difference to you. Did you know that the recreational runner has […]

It’s that time of year again where new sports seasons are about to start and our children need new shoes. They may be starting a new sport, have had a massive growth spurt or maybe just entering that next level and want to be more specific in what they want to wear. Either way it […]

The secret to how childhood milestones impact on your child’s feet!. It is certainly no secret that as parents we are encouraged to monitor our child’s development. What is not always clear is why we do this and what difference it really makes at the end of the day. “While it is great to see […]

Neutral vs Stability Running Shoes Have you ever stood in the shoe store looking at the vast wall of shoes wondering which shoe is best for me and what is the big difference anyway?  Because I really like the look of that one! “As Podiatrist we love to throw around all these different terms when […]