Are you dreaming of your next hiking adventure? Need advice on what is the best shoe for that adventure? Let’s be honest we all dream of adventure of some type or another but one of the things that we like to ensure is that adventure does not turn into misadventure. At this time of year […]

Have you ever suffered with the pain of an ingrown toenail and wondered what the best steps are to solve the problem? Ingrown nails are the most commonly occurring nail problem presenting to Podiatrist and Gp’s They can often be quite crippling and if left for long periods with festering infections can often affect your […]

Shockwave therapy!  You will be SHOCKED how much it could help YOU!! Have you ever suffered a tightness that you cannot stretch out, a niggly pull or even a sharp pain in a tendon that just never goes away? Most of us participating in sport of any type will suffer from these symptoms at some […]

Do you ever wonder if you should be applying ice or heat to your injury? It is a common question most patients have and we have come up with an easy way to cool this heated debate. When making this decision it is important to understand the implications of getting it wrong. The major consequence […]

So, you have brought your child to the shops, and he starts dragging his feet because he is tired.  He wants to be carried and starts throwing a tantrum. Another child is always falling and bruising herself. Which child should you worry about? When it comes to children and development, knowing when to seek professional […]

I woke up with pain in my heel!  Do I have a heel spur? Have you recently woken up with heel pain and wondered where it came from? Here is the secret to figuring out your heel pain! Heel pain is a common occurrence that affects 1 in 10 people at some point of time […]

Lisa is a podiatrist of 20 years and previous Queensland Soccer Player. She is the director of Podiatry Point and brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to a subject that is close to her heart! Do you want to know how to pick the right football boot? Do you want to know how to […]

Do you have heel pain or foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis?  Have you found out the root cause of your pain? “10% of all people will experience heel pain at some stage. Cortisone injections will only mask the symptoms they will not cure the condition.  Often times when cortisone does help […]

Morton’s Neuroma is a trapped nerve that often affects the third and fourth toes and leads to a sharp stabbing pain between the long bones of the front of your foot and numbness around the ball of the foot that can extend into the toes. This condition is common in people who have a lot […]

A common condition that people request an appointment at our clinic for is an ingrown toenail. Anybody who has had one of these will tell you that it can be utter agony. Wearing shoes is a nightmare. Walking distances is torture. And if somebody treads on your foot, you should not be held responsible for […]