Painful!  Annoying! Shoes that don’t fit! Don’t let bunions stop you! A bunion is when the big toe joint moves out of alignment in an inward direction causing a ‘lump’ on the side of the foot. This results in a boney deformity and can cause other toes to start moving in the same direction. Having […]

Have you ever really struggled with that niggly, nagging tenderness in the back of your heel? Often this is never enough to stop you, but it becomes like that person that constantly wants to talk one-on-one with you at a dinner party, ALWAYS’s demanding your attention. What happens when you are eventually fed up and […]

Have you ever wanted to start running but been stopped by thoughts such as….. “I am not a runner.” “I have never been a runner.” “I don’t even know where to start.” “I am going to look stupid.” “I don’t want to get injured. “ These are all very common concerns, so we have developed […]

What is a bunion? Did you know that you can get bunions in more than one spot on the foot?  A bunion is a deformity of the joint between both the big toe and the foot, often referred to as either Hallux Valgus or Hallux Abducto valgus and also the little toe and the foot, […]

To understand this we need to have a look at and break down what we call the injury cycle. Very rarely do you just suddenly develop pain unless from an injury like dropping something on your foot or running into something. Normally when we develop pain it is the last part in the injury cycle […]

All to often we put up with pain thinking this is just the way it has to be or that nothing can be done about it. Ignoring pain can be a really dangerous game to play. Living with pain can be a consequence of any number of things, perhaps you received an incorrect diagnosis or […]

School shoes!  Choosing them can be so confusing and challenging, in particular, when your child becomes old enough to have a say in what gets put on their feet.  We are advocates for making sure that the shoe you are buying matches the foot of the child and sometimes spending a little more on your […]

Hopefully by now you have watched or read a couple of our educational pieces on how to self manage your heel pain when it first appears or when it becomes painful enough to motivate you to do something about it. But what do you do when you have followed all our tips and you are […]