Thanks for watching the video! Here’s the Podiatry Point at home challenges. Below are 5 challenges you and your family can do at home. Keep it light-hearted. Use the timetable we created to keep track. We’ll be doing this too so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram lives.


  1. Everyone competes
  2. Decide a forfeit for the loser before you start. NO BACKING OUT.
    1. Examples: run laps around the garden, vacuum the house, dishes at dinner, walk the dog etc.
  3. Keep score – time or tally
  4. Keep us updated. Don’t forget to tag @PodiatryPoint on Instagram or Facebook.

Challenge 1: Plank

Dare your family to hold the plank for longer than you.

How to do a plank

Lie on your front with your toes on the floor.
Place your forearms on the floor and push up, lifting your torso and legs.
Hold a straight line from your shoulders to your feet for as long as you can, preventing the back from sagging.
Keep your buttocks squeezed and your hips level.
You will feel the core muscles working.

  Challenge 2: Wall sit

Challenge your family to see who can sit against a wall for the longest time. Remember proper technique! No cheating!

How to wall sit

Stand up straight with a wall positioned behind you.
Lean your back and buttocks against the wall, then walk your feet forward.
Slide down the wall until you reach a 90 degree angle at your hips and knees.
Ensure your back and buttocks remain in contact with the wall.

Hold this position.

Challenge 3: Catch and balance!

If your foot or the ball goes down, so do you!

How to play

Stand on one leg close to a wall or supporting surface.
Try to balance as still as you can.
Once you have your balance, try throwing and catching a ball with a partner or in a circle (if more than 2 people)
Do not allow the raised leg to drop.


Challenge 4: Song and “dance”

Dance your heart out and have fun!

How to play

1 person picks a song (e.g. Lizzo ‘Truth Hurts,’ Michael Jackson ‘Beat It,’  Backstreet Boys ‘Bye bye bye,’ Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’)

1 person picks an exercise move for the chorus

1 person picks an exercise move for the verse

Suggested exercise moves: squat, lunge, star jumps, burpee, jump squat, push up


Challenge 5: Nutbush Challenge

Teach your kids the Nutbush City Limits dance and get them ready for the isolation to end and social gatherings to begin!

Here’s a link to the dance in case you’ve forgotten: