Can shockwave therapy help you?

November 1, 2018

Shockwave therapy!  You will be SHOCKED how much it could help YOU!!

Have you ever suffered a tightness that you cannot stretch out, a niggly pull or even a sharp pain in a tendon that just never goes away?

Most of us participating in sport of any type will suffer from these symptoms at some stage. It is when these symptoms just won’t go away that we need to look for alternative solutions.  So if your symptoms stay around for month after month and you feel that there is nothing you else you can do to overcome them then we would like to introduce you to shockwave therapy. This treatment can definitely give you the edge over your competitors!

Shockwave therapy is the application of sound wave into an area of injury.  The soundwave is generated by a metal ball projected down a small metal cylinder. At the end of the cylinder, there is an applicator that transfers the energy from the ball into the body. This triggers a series of biological events that in turn create the desired injury relief outcome and speed up healing.

I know what you are saying…. It sounds like this might hurt!

While shockwave therapy can be a little uncomfortable it is designed so that the settings can be adjusted to give you the best results for as little discomfort as possible.

So how does it actually work?

What the sound wave does to the muscle tendon or bone is sets off a cascade of events that result in pain relief, improved movement and accelerated tissue repair.

This treatment is not generally used as a stand alone treatment and is often combined with stretch strengthening and dry needling. What we are seeing though is that our patients are getting better faster and have longer lasting results.

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To watch a video on Shockwave therapy follow the link below.

.Live Shockwave Treatment