Cold feet? Is Diabetes to Blame?

September 23, 2014

Cold feet are something most of the population experience during the cooler months, however some people continue to experience this chill even into the warmer months. Our feet are the furthest part of the body from the heart, which reduces the blood flow to our feet and toes.

Circulatory problems, temperature and different medications can all cause cold feet, however unknown to most is that cold feet can also be a symptom of unmanaged Diabetes. Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, known as DPN is one of the most common underlying problems of cold feet.

Australia ranks as the second highest of the developed countries for diabetes-related amputations, making it so important to care for your feet everyday. People with high-risk feet, suffering from cold and or numb feet should have a check-up from their podiatrist every three to six months.

An adequate foot care plan from your podiatrist will help to prevent any further problems or discomfort you may be experiencing. Click here for more on how diabetes and foot health are related.