Pain in the ball of the foot? Here is a list of ours do’s and don’ts!

September 5, 2021

Are you one of those people that cringe every time you have to put a shoe on or suffer from pain after a long walk? Does the thought of having to take your shoes off and walk barefoot fill you with fear?

Having pain in the ball of your foot is a very common complaint. It can be caused by a number of things some of the more common reasons are stress fracture, Moreton’s Neuroma, Corns, metatarsalgia, Joint bursitis, Plantar plate tear, fat pad atrophy to name a few……

Our patients often report that they have received comments about how relaxed they after receiving treatment from us.  Painful feet can show in your face.  

So to start your journey towards happier feet!  Checkout our list below:

  • Do check the fitting of your shoes.
  • Don’t wear pointed shoes.
  • Don’t wear high heels for extended periods as these increase the ground reaction forces through the forefoot.
  • Do exercises to improve the strength of the small muscles in the front of the foot.
  • Do use anti-inflammatory treatments such as anti inflammatory gels on the area.
  • Do aim for materials that will give your feet some protection from the ground such as some types of rubbers and foams.
  • Don’t use too much cushioning under your foot as this can create instability and make the problem worse.
  • Do use footwear that provides your feet and legs with stability.
  • Don’t wear shoes that are really rigid as these can cause your feet to become tight and stiff and increase tension to the affected area.
  • Don’t use wads of tape and strapping to try and change the way your foot is functioning.
  • Do apply strapping techniques advised by your health professional once a thorough assessment has been conducted.

As you may have gathered there can be lots of things that can make your feet worse and lots of treatments that can make them better. To ensure you are using the right ones give us a call.  We have limited spaces between now and Christmas so don’t go into the festive season in pain.

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