Sally Brouwer tells Podiatry Point the BIG secret to fat Loss!

November 30, 2015


What if I told you that I had the secret to permanent fat loss and I’ll give it to you – what would you be willing to pay?

A lot I’m guessing, as we’re spending millions of dollars each year on health and fitness products, diet foods and fads, pills, potions etc searching for the fat loss solution. We’re spending millions of dollars on theses gimmicks and yet as a nation, we’re getting fatter and unhealthier!

The question I like to put to people is this:  If there was a magic fast blasting pill out there, or a special shake, piece of gym equipment or even wonder food, that offered long term results, do you think Oprah would still be overweight?

I don’t think so.

No amount of money can buy you a healthy lifestyle. The solution is a lot cheaper.

I do have the secret to fat loss and I am going to give it to you for FREE!!! There are no excuses, be it genetics, big bones, thyroid issues, no time, too expensive, current injuries or disabilities etc. This is the secret to fat loss and healthy living and EVERYONE can do it, regardless of your current health and fitness status.

Sally and kids

  1. Consume natural, unprocessed, fresh food!

Eat vegetables like they’re going out of fashion – breakfast, lunch and dinner should all include vegetables. Food shouldn’t be used to keep you entertained either (that’s what people are for) food is fuel!

  1. Exercise!

20 – 30 minutes is ample time to get a good workout in each day. You don’t need fancy equipment, music, the latest nike shoes or a sunny day – you just need to move. Find something that you enjoy and do it everyday.

Here’s a workout you can do at home whilst hanging out the washing:

  1. Drink water, lots and lots and lots of water!

Reduce the amount of alcohol, fizzy drinks, sports drinks, coffee, tea etc and replace it with good old H20!

  1. Be honest – brutally honest!

Eating a piece of chocolate cake in private does just as much damage to the fat stores as it does in public. Don’t listen to those people saying:

“one piece won’t hurt” or “c’mon you have to enjoy life”.  Yes one piece WILL hurt, as all the pieces add up and no one is going to really enjoy life when they are sick, overweight, unable to move properly or suffering other lifestyle diseases.

  1. Change your mindset!

You don’t “deserve” rubbish food if you’ve had a long day at work, if you’ve been good all week, if you’re stressed, run down, lonely etc What you need is a bubble bath or a good book.  A block of chocolate is not going to solve your problems.

  1. It is not a “diet” and it is not a quick fix solution!

This is a lifestyle change. If you’re not committed to doing it for the rest of your life don’t expect the results to stay with you for the rest of your life.

  1. Hard work!

Unfortunately this is the spoiler that turns most people away. Doing all these things is hard work and it requires sacrifice, but think of it this way:

Sally Brouwer

If someone was willing to pay you a million dollars if you 100% stuck to clean eating and consistent exercise for 2 months could you do it? (It means that if you were caught sneaking a biscuit you’d lose out on a million dollars).  I bet we’d all be able to find ways to overcome our obstacles because we’re all thinking about what life would be like with a million dollars in the bank.

Well guess what? This prize is even bigger! The prize of a healthy lifestyle will give you more than artificial happiness, it will give you a new outlook on life, better relationships, more energy, happiness, self confidence, and of course it will make you look better too.

If you’re uncertain of how to go about clean eating, or what exercise you should be doing check out our website for free recipes and workouts that can be modified for any fitness level:

Or you may want to join our next 8 week SBF Challenge starting on the 4th January  (all the details and information is on the website)