Do You Want to Know the Weird Thing About Smelly Feet?

February 21, 2019

Do you have a family member who has the ability to clear the room just by taking their shoes off?

“The weird thing about smelly feet is, that it is often sweating that gets the blame for the smell but this is actually incorrect.”

It’s that time of the year where the heat waves are coming through; feet get extra sweaty and sometimes a little smelly. There are a lot of misconceptions with smelly feet and the reasoning around why they smell. And whilst a lot of it is true, a lot is also incorrect. But don’t’ worry there is a solution to those smelly feet.

Smelly feet are actually caused by little bacteria that live on your skin. When your feet sweat and there is no where for the moisture to go then it results in pooling. This pooling is exactly what the bacteria live and breed in and it is the bacteria that give off the smell. The foot has over 250,000 sweat glands and can produce more than a half a litre of sweat a day. So, if you aren’t allowing your feet to ventilate and dry out by wearing the correct shoes and/or socks then the sweat has no where to go and the bacteria goes to town.

Other common causes for smelly feet include; fungal infections, poor foot hygiene, certain medications, harsh environments and over-wearing shoes.

To treat smelly feet we recommend:

  • Wash your feet regularly
  • Dry your feet thoroughly if they get wet or after a shower.
  • Wear socks with natural fibres that allow your feet to breathe (e.g. bamboo socks) or moisture wicking socks (e.g. CoolMAx)
  • Use Anti-Fungal Spray where fungal infections are present
  • Use Anti-bacterial soap
  • Foot deodorant that have anti-bacterial properties nit just perfumes
  • Vary the shoes you wear to give them a chance to dry out.
  • Wear shoes with moisture wicking materials such as real leather or mesh uppers.


So if you are one of those families needlessly suffering the wrath of smelly feet and need help identifying the cause we can help.

By correctly identifying the cause and putting steps in place to treat this smelly feet can be eliminated!!