Stop your child W-sitting!

January 27, 2016

Stop your child W-sitting

Have noticed that your child has adopted a W-sitting position?

W-sitting is when the pelvis is lowered to the floor between the legs, knees bent with the feet behind. This is sometimes used by children who need greater stability due to its wide base of support.

There are many reasons why this sitting position should be changed. If this is the main position used then the muscle and soft tissues may tighten around this position and adopt it during gait. This can cause an uneven length to the hamstring muscles behind the leg which can even influence the way your child walks, potentially creating a pigeon toed gait.

W sitting

It’s often used as a compensation for those with low muscle tone, and if it continues, can delay the development of postural stability.

If you’ve seen your child W sitting, the best way to combat it is to prevent it from becoming a habit. Be as consistent as possible at catching it when they go to sit in the W position and encourage cross legged sitting instead.

If you’re concerned that it has effected the way your child walks, or you’d like an expert to have a look, then book in with one of our podiatrists today for a biomechanical assessment. Click on the ‘Book Now’ button at the top of the page!