Sore Feet – Want Fast results?

Do you have tired achy legs?

Are you afraid to put your feet on the ground every morning?

Are feet and legs stopping you from enjoying your life?


Many people find themselves putting up with or excepting that foot and leg pain is just a part of life. Well we believe that this should not be the case. Foot and leg pain should not be stopping you from getting to your goals. 

You a re definitely in the right spot if……..

  • You have pain in your feet and legs!

  • You hobble every morning until things warm up.

  • You have a limp or a funny walk.

  • There is a history in your family of flat feet or foot and knee problems.

  • You have joints that are achy and do not function how you want them too.

  • you want more out of life and your body is holding you back. 

In a lot of cases we can quickly address your  issues with appropriate shoe recommendations or exercises!

The best news is if you are living with pain or concerns about your feet and legs then having them expertly assessed will give you the piece of mind you are looking for. 

If this sounds like you and you want to get this sorted 

Book here now and give sore legs and feet the flick !

 We are offering a GAP free Initial Assessment.

Here’s What You’ll Get! 

  1. A comprehensive examination to assess the causes of any current injury or to measure your “injury risk factor” based on detailed orthopaedic tests, and if needed a personalised written plan (value $120.00)


  1. A complete Biomechanical Assessment including; a Video Gait Analysis of your walking pattern or a Gait scan using Parotech technology that measures 300/images per second. (value $79.00)


  1. A 3D foot scan to determine whether your posture is prone to injury and what do about it. (value $80.00)


You get this with no out of pocket expenses if you have private health insurance!


If you don’t have or you have run out of Private Health insurance you can have all this for $120.00! (Value $279.00)

All you have to do to claim this offer is mention the “Gap free Special” when making your appointment

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    Special Terms and Conditions

    1.This offer is only available to new clients to Podiatry Point or clients who have not had an appointment with us since 1st January 2017.

    2. Bookings must be made using the code words “Gap free special” in order to be eligible for the offer.

    3. Offer not valid with any other offer.

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