Do you  have tendon pain?

Have you tried absolutely everything to get rid of your heel, leg or hip pain?

Do you have muscle knots you can just not stretch or roll out?

Book here now for your GAP FREE Shockwave assessment!

Well you might  be shocked to learn how well shock wave therapy can work for you…..

  • Proven to reduce pain!

  • Improves mobility allowing faster progression through your treatment plan.

  • Tissue repair to previously damaged tissue.

  • Used world wide by the top orthopeadic and sports specialist to bring outstanding results to sports people of any type!

Shockwave therapy is the application of sound wave into an area of injury.  The soundwave is generated by a metal ball projected down a small metal cylinder. At the end of the cylinder, there is an applicator that transfers the energy from the ball into the body. This triggers a series of biological events that in turn create the desired injury relief outcome and speed up healing.

I know what you are saying…. It sounds like this might hurt!

While shockwave therapy can be a little uncomfortable it is designed so that the settings can be adjusted to give you the best results for as little discomfort as possible.


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Book here now for your GAP FREE Shockwave assessment!

 We are offering a GAP free Shockwave Assessment.

Here’s What You’ll Get! 

  1. A comprehensive examination to assess the causes of any current injury or to measure your “injury risk factor” based on detailed orthopaedic tests,and assessment of your suitability for shockwave therapy(value $120.00)


  1. A complete Biomechanical Assessment including; a Video Gait Analysis of your walking pattern or a Gait scan using Parotech technology that measures 300/images per second. (value $79.00)


  1. Your first shockwave treatment if this treatment is appropriate for you. (value $65.00)


You get this with no out of pocket expenses if you have private health insurance!


If you don’t have or you have run out of Private Health insurance you can have all this for $100.00! (Value $264.00)

All you have to do to claim this offer is mention the “Shockwave Special” when making your appointment

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    Special Terms and Conditions

    1.This offer is only available to  new clients of  Podiatry Point or clients who have not had Shockwave treatment before.

    2. Bookings must be made using the code words “Shockwave special” in order to be eligible for the offer.

    3. Offer not valid with any other offer.

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