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Lisa Wilkes

Director and Podiatrist

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Hi my name is Lisa and I am Director and Podiatrist of Podiatry Point!

Podiatry Point started in 2001 when I purchased, the business then known as Nerylie Whitecross Podiatry, from Nerylie and changed the name to Podiatry Point.

My passion began at University whilst studying a Bachelor Applied Science, Podiatry and continues each and everyday with providing my clients with the care they need. This means that if I realise there is a gap I my knowledge I am keen to fill it as quickly as possible.

I love to travel and prefer places that are off the beaten track. When travelling I like to challenge myself by doing a trek or bike ride. These challenges keep me motivated and provide a great sense of achievement.

When I’m not at the Podiatry Point you’ll find me outside cycling, running or hiking through the bush. I must admit I love a good coffee and you might find me catching up with friends over a cappuccino.

One of my greatest pleasures at the moment is being able to introduce our love of adventure with my children; and at the moment they still think my ideas are pretty cool!

My mission in life is to help people to realise their dreams. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone achieve something they didn’t think was possible, whether that is trekking a mountain on holidays, running a race, riding a bike hundreds of kilometres or simply going to the shops without their feet and legs slowing them down.

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Katie Sylvester


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Hi, I’m Katie Sylvester and I’m a Podiatrist at Podiatry Point Toowoomba. I joined the Podiatry Point team in 2014 after working in aged care in Perth.

Originally from the UK, I spent six years working for the NHS helping to improve the health outcomes for people in England. During this time, I was fortunate to be involved in establishing consultant led clinics for wound care. This was an amazing professional and personal experience and I reflect on my involvement daily.

I enjoy all aspects of Podiatry and consider myself to be a well-rounded Podiatrist. Listening to and understanding my patients is a very important part of what I do. Through this, I am able to identify opportunities where I can help make a difference in their life and inject positive energy into their day! I love being a Podiatrist and strive for happy and healthy patients.

When I am not at Podiatry Point, I am either planning my next adventure or travelling! I certainly have the travel bug and can usually be found enjoying a short weekend escape or an adventurous six-week tour of Thailand. I am very grateful to be living in Australia and to have the opportunity to explore this big, beautiful country. Aside from travel, I enjoy a hit of tennis – although my serve isn’t Serena Williams quality! Practice makes perfect, right?

At Podiatry Point, I constantly work towards making each one of my patients feel relaxed, safe and understood. An avid fan of health and education, I firmly believe prevention is better than cure!

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Amy Beahan


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Hi I’m Amy Beahan, Podiatrist at Podiatry Point Toowoomba. Prior to joining the Podiatry Point team, I completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) and certificates in Western Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling.

Being an adventurous and physically active person myself, I am particularly fascinated by our biomechanical makeup and how we function. I find it so interesting that considering a patient’s biomechanical makeup, I can potentially prevent injuries, maximise their sports performance and help to reduce recovery time. I also enjoy working with children. Their smiling faces and boundless energy is very contagious!

I love being a Podiatrist as I enjoy listening and getting to know people. My patients have told me some amazingly inspirational stories about their lives and where they (and their feet) have been.

When I am not at Podiatry Point, you will most likely find me with my head in a book, eating delicious food or enjoying a good cup of coffee. Sometimes all at the same time! I also enjoy the outdoors, the beautiful sights and scenery our country has to offer and actively living out my faith.

My aim, at Podiatry Point is to do the best that I can with the skills I have acquired and constantly seek new ways to improve my knowledge, while providing an effective and informative service to my patients.

Megan Clarkson


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Hi, I’m Megan Clarkson, podiatrist at Podiatry Point Toowoomba. I started work here after moving to Toowoomba from Brisbane to explore new opportunities in a beautiful and rapidly growing city.

After graduating in 2015 I worked at a private practice in Brisbane where I was seeing an eclectic mix of presenting complaints as well as making all of my own orthotics. I valued being able to produce a foot orthotic exactly to the specifications I wanted, something I’ve been able to continue at Podiatry Point – no two patients are the same! For me one of the most satisfying things about being a podiatrist is being able to provide patients with immediate relief for some presenting complaints - such as corns and ingrown toenails.

I am always trying to improve my knowledge through research and discussion with other podiatrists. Physical therapies in particular as a potential adjunct treatment have caught my interest, and I have recently completed the advanced course in lower limb dry needling and Western acupuncture.

Outside of the workplace, I like to wind down by going to the beach or camping, often heading somewhere outside the city – how’s the serenity? I also enjoy participating in sports, and play touch football regularly. After being sidelined myself for nearly a year with a knee injury and surgery in 2015, I have an understanding of the expectations and frustrations involved with injuries and rehabilitation.