Podiatry Point is excited to announce the arrival of the new paroTec System.

June 19, 2014

The paroTec System is a revolutionary tool used to measure where you place the most amount of natural pressure on your feet whilst moving. This system provides your Podiatrist with the personalised information they require to give you the best treatment for your feet. Placed inside your shoe, the paroTec System precisely measures and records weight and pressure distribution, foot placement, heel, knee and hip movement and overall foot movement.

The results of the paroTec readings are influenced by your physical makeup, footwear choices and health conditions and provide vital movement information for your Podiatrist to diagnose and treat foot pain, foot conditions and foot function. The instantaneous pressure readings allow podiatrists to monitor results before and after treatment.  The great thing about this tool is that it can be worn easily in your shoes and will not alter your natural movement!

Podiatry Point are excited to be one of a few practices in Australia using the paroTec System and are confident it will provide a solution that fits your lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about the paroTec System contact Toowoomba on (07) 4646 2016 or Brisbane on (07) 3861 4555 or click here.