Patient Case Study – paroTec System

July 28, 2014

A healthy 32 year old female boxer and short distance runner approached Podiatry Point with pain in the balls of her feet after running and sparing, inside right knee pain and pain on the insides of both legs. The pain would improve with new shoes, however quickly returned as the shoes began to wear.

The initial consultation with Lauren of Podiatry Point revealed the following:

  • The big toe flexed down at the ball of the foot
  • The ankle to foot alignment was relatively straight when standing but did roll  in gait
  • There was a difference in the lengths of the legs when walking
  • The right hip was tilted forward

Lauren made a diagnosis of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (or shin splints) and Sesamoiditiis (swelling in the little bones under the ball of the big toe). Custom orthotics was prescribed, providing immediate leg pain relief and reduced the pain in the balls of the feet. However the patient was finding it difficult to tolerate the front padding of the orthotic. Multiple adjustments were made with varying results but the pain in the balls of the foot persisted.

The new paroTec in shoe pressure measurement system was then used, revealing the area that was being overloaded and providing key information on how to alter this pattern. Based on the previously unknown  information provided by the ParoTec system, new orthotics were prescribed, successfully altering the painful forces in the area.

The patient is now completely pain free whilst running and sparing.

This case study was gained with the consent of the patient..