The importance of socks…

April 27, 2015

Purchasing socks is generally a task that does not require much forethought. Available in a range of places from supermarkets to boutique sports stores, socks can often seem as generic as buying a packet of biscuits.

For diabetics however, selecting the wrong socks can be as painful as a coeliac eating a pack of Monte Carlos. With over 10% of diabetics experiencing ulcers and a majority of patients experiencing foot irritations, seams, fabrics and tightness of socks can exacerbate a range of symptoms.

With non-elasticised cuffs and no seams, diabetic socks promote warmth, reduce bacteria and wick away sweat. Regular socks can restrict blood flow to the feet and are commonly made from materials that trap moisture and cause irritation.

For diabetics experiencing cold feet, a range of diabetic socks can increase blood flow to the feet through innovative fibres- a feature that will benefit patients leading in to the cooler seasons.

High quality diabetic socks also provide the following advantages:

  • Fibres that reduce odour
  • Retain emollients to hydrate the skin
  • Minimise heat loss and increase circulation
  • Reduced risk of blisters and callouses.

If you feel that your socks are not providing your feet with the best care, visit Podiatry Point and talk to one of our qualified Podiatrists about which socks are right for your feet.