White Cloud Foundation

April 27, 2015

Founded in 2011, the White Cloud Foundation opened with a mission to help increase resources and improve access to support for people living with depression.

Each year over 1 million Australians are diagnosed with depression with many more going undiagnosed, untreated and unsupported. White Cloud have identified that some people require day-to-day treatment but are not at a stage where they need to be admitted as an in-patient to a mental health institution.

There is currently a lack of these day services available.

Hoping to break through the stigma attached to seeking help, White Cloud aims to open drop in clinics in regional areas. Through David’s support in the Race Around Australia, the target of $100,000 will assist the organisation put a physical presence in communities- providing free access to mental health practitioners and resources.

Podiatry Point will be supporting David and the White Cloud Foundation throughout the next six months. To add your support, please donate through the tab below.