Orthotics and In-shoe Pressure Measurement

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Podiatry Point have introduced leading edge technology into its practice. The paroTec In-shoe Measurement System and Paromed System utilise in-shoe pressure measurement and a 3D Scanner to accurately measure the pressure, shape and contour of your feet whilst either in motion or stationary.  3D gait analysis is the best way to see what is going on with your feet and the mechanics behind your stride.

foot pressure printParotec in Shoe Pressure Measurement

By measuring the pressure at any given moment of walking, running or cycling, it allows our podiatrists to tailor make orthotics or provide specific exercises to ensure that you achieve maximum efficiency.  It is accurate to 0.01mm.

Have a look at this video showing you exactly how a biomechanical assessment is conducted.

From this information we can mill a fully customised orthotic insert or orthotic thong made to suit each of your feet (yes they are different to each other).

Orthotics are an affordable and effective solution for many types of foot, knee and back conditions. Orthotics come in different styles and lengths to suit most types of shoes.

Podiatry Point offer the following types of orthotics

  • Prefabricated shoe inserts that are heat mouldable and can be adjusted to fit your
  • Custom made innersoles made from a drawing or computerised image of your foot, or
  • Fully customised orthotics modelled from a cast or scan of your feet.

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