Podiatry Point gets Race Around Australia back on track

April 27, 2015

For David Alley, running is not only a passion, it’s his way of helping others.

In 2010, the Police Sergeant started peddling his way around Australia. Battling Nullarbor headwinds and tracking over 14,250km in his six-week journey, David set a world record of fastest ride around Australia.

Two months after completing the cycle, David set his new goal- to run the same route and beat the current record. With a daily minimum of 77km pounding the pavement, David knew it would be a big ask of his body.

Struggling with stress fractures in his tibia, injury was threatening to derail the event. Hearing of David’s issues, we approached David to have an assessment using the Parotec equipment.

The Parotec allowed us to identify landing issues in David’s technique and provide him with improved orthotics. After a few weeks of adjustments for David’s sensitive feet and some rehabilitation, he was up and running again. David credits the ability to watch himself run and the accuracy of the Parotec as the single difference in making this round of training a success.

Race Around Australia is raising much-needed funds and awareness for White Cloud Foundation, setting a goal of $100,000 to help the foundation set up drop-in clinics around Australia.

Podiatry Point will be updating David’s progress throughout his six-month run. To donate to the White Cloud Foundation and help David reach his fundraising goal, click here.