Dry Needling

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Dry needling is a form of acupuncture that stimulates muscle trigger points by inserting fine filament needles into the skin. Although similar, acupuncture is based on the Chinese energy meridians whereas dry needling focuses on directly targeting dysfunctional tissue (trigger points).

Inserting the needles into specific regions of the lower limbs causes the muscles to relax, increases blood flow to the area and even produces a numbing sensation to significantly reduce the pain and soreness. Dry needling is best used alongside other services and not as a stand-alone procedure.

At Podiatry Point we know feet and understand that painful lower limbs and feet can affect your quality of life. The benefits of dry needling are specific to the individual, with reduced muscle dysfunction, tissue healing and muscle restoration common results.

Our experienced podiatrists will help develop a tailored solution to treat your lower limbs and feet today. Click here to contact us.

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