Sports Related Issues

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Physical exercise and sport play a significant role in our lives, with numerous researchers concluding that it is vital for our health and boosts enjoyment of life.

From the pounding movement experienced during running to the jolted side-to-side movement in team sports, podiatrists alike agree that athletes’ feet and ankles are prime candidates for injuries.

At Podiatry Point, our podiatrists offer a sports podiatry service specific to the needs of our physically active patients. We go one step further from treating the injury; we try to prevent the injury from occurring.

Our qualified podiatrists offer:

  • Advanced knowledge and management of leg, ankle and foot injuries
  • Advanced assessment equipment
  • Multiple treatment options
  • Multi-discipline treatment approach e.g. involvement of physiotherapists, sports physicians, personal trainers, chiropractors etc.
  • Advice on sporting footwear

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