Occupational Health

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People who spend extended periods of time on their feet at work or in a repetitive environment are susceptible to foot and ankle injuries. Maintaining foot health is increasingly being viewed as an important strategy to improve productivity in the workplace.

According to WorkCover Queensland, foot and leg injuries account for 19% of workplace injuries, with an average of 10.8 weeks taken in ‘sick leave’.

Through our strategic podiatric advisory service, Podiatry Point is able to assist in the management of foot and leg injuries experienced in the workplace. Podiatry Point go one step further, we aim to prevent injures from occurring.

We can offer preventative care for workers who stand for long periods,  work in a repetitive environment e.g. get in and out of a truck often or are labourers.  We can provide footwear advice on industry standards and supply and fit footwear complying with Workplace Health and Safety requirements.


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