Painful Feet, Knees and Back

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Aching legs and feet are often a sign of underlying poor foot posture, instability or muscle weakness. These complications can be intensified by spending long hours on your feet or wearing poorly fitted footwear.

Experiencing mild discomfort may not warrant cause for concern however without treatment, serious damage can be done including toe deformities, arthritis, knee wear and tear, chronic back pain, fallen arches and heel pain.

At Podiatry Point, we believe that properly rehabilitating painful feet involves more than just reducing foot pain; it involves retraining and strengthening muscles in the foot to prevent future injury. Treatment methods used in the clinics include strapping, strengthening, stretching, dry needling, appropriate footwear, shoe inserts and orthotics.

Orthotics are an affordable and effective solution for many types of foot, knee and back conditions and in some cases where rehabilitation/strengthening is not an option or has failed othotics may be prescribed.

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